JJJJound Mechanical Keyboard

JJJJound Mechanical Keyboard

Twenty-five years after widespread production of the original mechanical keyboard was halted, we’ve collaborated on Model F Labs’ re-engineered mechanical keyboard for a limited edition with specific features:

Old keyboards from the era which date back to the early 1980s often didn’t have arrow keys due to technological limitations of the time. Early computer use was heavily centered around typing and data entry rather than navigation within a graphic interface.

The keys feature a Serif typeface, as opposed to the common sans-serif. This choice honors JJJJound’s brand logo and nods to the shift from printed media to digital.

At approximately 3.2 kgs ,this edition features a nod to the original weight from the 1980’s a die cast metal (zinc) case to hold all the parts.

Usage is solely accessible via USB interface and has been designed with an Off-White & Beige finish to mimic stereotypical office hues of the 1980’s. The keyboard from the classic age of computing is now available through the JJJJound channel.

Available to purchase here.