The first collaborative effort between A.P.C. and JJJJound offers a world of simplicity to the consumer. With carefully designed goods, the minimal collection donned with apparel and accessories sees the light of day.

“You are in the presence of a person of whom I am spiritually jealous. Justin is doing exactly what I started to do in 1987 when I founded A.P.C. in the sense that his approach is extremely obsessive and driven by a search for perfection that is almost impossible to attain. (By this, I don’t mean that we’ve lost our aesthetic ideals. Let’s just say that we’ve decided to explore a greater diversity of products.)

Working with him is literally like being in a dream in which I’m talking to a younger version of myself. In these superficial times, overflowing with vain and useless ideas, his approach touches me deeply. Justin and his little company remind us that the meaninglessness of the world might one day be lessened thanks to him and people like him, who work in all sorts of fields.”

- Jean Touitou