Bassi B/01

JJJJound partners with Montreal-based bike brand Bassi to create the B/01. The design of bicycle occupies a middle ground between a laid-back cruiser and a nimble road bike. Hidden fender eyelets allow the option of rainy day riding and a leather shoulder strap aids in carrying the bicycle up apartment stairwells. The new geometry frame complements both short distance errands at a hurried pace and relaxed weekend rides.

The complete bike build features a lightweight chromoly steel frame, a no-frills and durable coaster brake transmission, a leather Brooks saddle, rubber MKS pedals, a Wald steel handlebar, and cork grips.

1. Bassi/JJJJound B/01 Frame and Fork, chromoly steel
2. Bassi Shoulder Strap, leather and brass
3. Tange Levin CDS Silver Headset, steel, rubber and plastic
4. Sealed Cartridge Bearing Bottom Bracket, steel
5. FSA Gimondi Crankset, aluminium
6. MKS 3000-R Pedals, steel and rubber
7. SRAM PC-1, nickel plated chain
8. Shimano Coaster Brake rear Hub, steel
9. Low flange front hub, aluminium and steel
10. DT Swiss Spokes, stainless steel
11. Sun CR18 Rims, aluminium and stainless steel
12. Kenda tubes, rubber
13. Panaracer Pasela Tires, rubber and steel
14. Silver Setback Seat Post, aluminium
15. Brooks Team Professional Saddle, leather and steel
16. Bassi Engraved Stem, aluminium and steel
17. Wald handlebar, steel
18. Velo Orange Cork Grips, cork
19. Greenfield Kick Stand, aluminium